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Interior Painting

From ceilings down to baseboards, we can paint it.

  • Covering of furniture and flooring
  • Prep work is the key to quality end results
    • We caulk and fill any voids before painting.
    • We sand and/ or clean trim and doors before painting with an oil-based enamel to ensure good results.
  • Walls are painted with high quality latex paint in a wide array of finishes from flat to high gloss depending on the area to be painted and the homeowner’s preference.
  • Wall receptacles are removed during painting and replaced after completed.
  • All work done to customer’s satisfaction.

Paint Types/Finishes

  1. Flat-most commonly used paint with almost no sheen. Best used on ceilings and rooms with low use since it scuffs easily and is usually not washable/scrubbable, although there are some washable flat paints on the market that perform very well.
  2. Matte/Eggshell/Satin – These three finishes are close to being the same in sheen but do have a subtle difference depending on the brand. Matte is the lowest sheen, eggshell is next in sheen increase, satin generally has the highest sheen. These paints wear well and are washable. Better suited for higher traffic areas due to its durability.
  3. Semi-gloss/High-gloss – both of these finishes are the shiniest available. They are good in areas where moisture is an issue, like bathrooms. These types of paints are highly scrubable.

We proudly use Sherwin Williams paints, exclusively.

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